Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Band To Burn One To-Lowcaster

Well, it's been quite a while since I have done any sort of review for the site. So, I felt today would be a great day to shake off the rust. Yesterday, I was perusing through thee old Bandcamp app and came across a band called Lowcaster. What drew me to the band was the album artwork, which is something that usually does. Without knowing where the band was from, I detected elements of doom, sludge and thrash. I was surprised to learn that the band was from San Francisco, CA. And based on the logo, I thought there might have been some black metal elements as well. Turns out I was wrong. But, one thing is for damn sure, this band is HEAVY! The opening song "Blood Moon" starts off with a southern sludge feel, a la C.O.C. but "The Vapor Sea" is much more than that. The album is a vastitude of kick ass dual guitar shredding, chest-crushing heaviness (the riff on "Dirty War" is enormous, whew!), a hardcore punk attitude, and fist-pumping heavy metal anthems. Awesome stuff!


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