Thursday, November 17, 2016

Green River Thrillers-Distorted Diva- LP/ Heavy Noise Rock

I asked Reg from Heavy Planet if I could review this album with him knowing its not Doom/Sludge/Stoner. Which it's not, it's a straight up heavy ass rock album with Punk, Metal and Noise Rock influence. I assured him that this album needs to be heard. He said. "no prob".

If you ever just need to put on an album that will kick you in the teeth and give you the feeling to kick the days ass and pound some golden throat charmers afterwards, then Distorted Diva is that album . Gary Hughes, Alan Alfano and Phil Smith have created an album where every song is good  and has made it onto my most played this last month.

GRT are no slackers and have recently finished a west coast tour and have been playing a shit ton of live shows for years now and have been heralded as one of the Emerald City's most consistently kick ass live bands.

GRT recorded this beauty at Earwig studios with the help of Don Farwell bringing a great attack and overall tonal assault to the production starting right off with "shithead complex" and keeping you coming back for more all the way to the finish line. In a world becoming over-saturated with bad Sleep knockoffs, Green River Thrillers bring a much needed kick in the sludgy nuts. Now I'm not knocking Stoner/Doom or Sludge, my band taps into all 3 of those genre's, but GRT is a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend this album.

So if you find yourself in Seattle go see them as they play regularly and will be playing Rachel the supreme overlord of Devil's Child Records b-day party tomorrow night (11-18) at the Valley in Tacoma Washington with a stellar lineup.

If you see me there lets have a beer and watch some killer rock and roll!

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