Thursday, August 25, 2016

Comacozer Astra Planeta LP/ Instrumental Psych Stoner Rock from Sydney Australia.

I was driving my 1 1/2 year old daughter around so she'd fall asleep on an 80 degree August evening, when I decided to put this album into my minivan's stock CD player and give it a proper listen. Within the 1st 2 minutes of Saurian Dream I felt like I had heard this before in the background of my many early 90's hallucinogen laded days. So as the evening cooled and the little one nodded off, I found myself in tune (no pun intended) with Rick, Richard and Andrew's music, all 5 songs melded together seamlessly not unlike turning the pages of a good book while the sun began setting with its magnificent oranges and hues of red. I look forward to hearing more from Comacozer and after some email exchanges I know they hope to make it to Europe, I'd like to see them make it to the States and throw back a couple of Golden Throat Charmers with these boys and see Comacozer live. I just noticed they're playimg with Ufomammut and Monolord October 7th in Sydney at the Bald Faced Stag. Damn, now that's a lineup!

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