Tuesday, June 14, 2016

LP Review: Olde One Ascending by Vokonis

When Earth is no longer big enough to contain your seismic riffs, the only place left is the infinitely expanding dimensions of space, and that is exactly where Swedish heavy stoner/psych trio Vokonis firmly thrust themselves with their debut record Olde One Ascending, with riffs capable of bringing down planets, drumming the depths of a black hole, and vocals with the force of star imploding, the band have gone all in and left nothing to waste. Anyway, that’s enough of the space analogies, let’s get to the music.

The record opens with the thunderous ‘Olde One’; eight minutes of pure heavy stoner rock, charging ever forward after it falsely appears to head into a space rock direction. There are hints of the bands psychedelic roots and the underlying sound of doom, but the gigantic rolling riffs bring about hefty head banging. The vocals of Simon Ohlsson are passionately shouted with more of a ritual echo rather than anger, a little reminiscent of early Black Pyramid. The loud drone of the vocals remain at a constant attention grabbing level throughout the record, as ‘The Serpent’s Alive’ follows a similar route but leaning towards more psychedelia routes as the killer guitar solo takes your tripped out subconscious by the balls and reminds it who’s boss.

The guitar work and drumming are at an excellent standard, wielded by talented musicians who wear their influences on their sleeves (mainly Sleep) as the power of ‘Acid Pilgrim’ melts the speakers, the sheer stoner audacity of ‘Shroomblade’ is orgasmic to listen to with riffs to destroy the heaviest of hearts, and closer ‘Hazmat The Ashen Rider’ releases a cacophony of riffs directly into your face without an ounce of apology. The six songs on offer here fly by in an instant, but the whole record leaves you with your fists clenched, and a feeling that what you’ve just listened to was just about as heavy as it gets (and just in case you didn’t realise the name of this blog, that’s how we like things around here!). Olde One Ascending is an excellent heavy record and if your speakers can take it, get a hold of a copy now!

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