Monday, October 6, 2014

LP Review: 'Chasma Hideout' by Brain Pyramid

With more emphasis on the ‘heavy’ part of the ‘Heavy Psychedelic’ genre come France’s face-melting trio Brain Pyramid with an album full of free-flowing thick heavy riffs, warped out guitar bending, and masterfully crafted songs to unite acid droppers and dope rollers the world over.
  Whether laying out hazy vibes with ‘Living In The Outer Space’ or smacking you full force in the face with destructive waves of riffage on ‘Lazy’, these guys embrace the cross-over benefits of free-flowing trippy solos and the structured spine of the stoner rock song, never veering off too far to alienate, never staying too close to get comfortable (the right amount of awesomeness you may say).
   The energy on this record coarses throughout driving the songs to sometimes unknown destinations, not stopping for one moment to let you off the ride, and by the time the 11 minute epic title track has sufficiently blown your mind, you’ve enough time to check your pants, lay back once again, and let the French trio bend your brain back into shape. This is how Heavy Psych should be done!

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