Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Downloads: YOUWRETCH and LORD GREEN

Released: 1/1/2011
Labels: Forward! Records|Fan the Flames Records
Location: Minneapolis, MN U.S.A.
Websites: Bandcamp|Download|Facebook|MySpace 
Track Listing: Confront, Exhume, Failure & Worship, The Rider
Bio:  YOUWRETCH formed in Minneapolis, MN in early 2010, blending drop-tuned aggression with ambient melodies.  The self-titled debut EP was released on Forward! Records, a nonprofit collective.  The band is currently finishing material for a full-length LP and playing shows in the midwest.
Band: Lord Green
Album: Last Demo
Re-released: 2/20/2011
Label: Fan the Flames Records
Location:Quad Cities, IL
Websites: Official|Download|MySpace
Track Listing: Flying, Losing the Race, Fucked in Every Direction, We're Fucked, Into the Sun, Higher Than God, Dropping Out, Hook Line & Sinker
Bio:  Lord Green is from the Quad Cities in Illinois.  They have been ripping it up with Sabbath-style grooves that flow into Discharge-style aggression.  The band is going strong touring and writing music.

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