Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fantasy Football VS. Stoner Rock

With the start of the NFL season, my other passion has diverted my attention from posting on the blog. I am a huge football fan, especially of the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. I have also been playing fantasy football for this being my 20th anniversary season. Thanks to Drew Brees's 6 freakin TD passes things didn't go quite the way I had planned. Anyways, I have been neglecting the blog as of late and that is the reason why. Next week I will be on vacation at Disneyworld with my wife, so there will be no postings. I have a ton of new bands for you guys to check out as well as a few other cool things. If anyone out there would like to contribute their time to possibly reviewing some of these bands I would greatly appreciate your efforts. Unfortunately I can't afford to pay you (although if more people would click my Google ads I probably could), I can possibly offer up some free shit of some kind. Here is what the schedule looks like for the rest of the week:

Wednesday-Album Of The Week
Thursday-New Band To Burn One To
Saturday-New Band To Burn One To

Thanks for visiting Heavy Planet!!

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  1. Thank god this blog is awesome, or I'd have to unfollow you, seeing as how I'm a huge Bengals fans.

    Well, we can both agree that the Browns suck.

    Good luck!


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