Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Southern Lord Updates

It is with extreme honor that Southern Lord can now officially announce two new inductees to their eclectic, congregation of auditory purveyors. Coincidentally both bands are duos - each consisting of merely a guitarist and a drummer. The similarities don`t end there; they are both mammoth, monstrous, and completely slay! Welcome Black Cobra and Eagle Twin to the mix...

Black Cobra
Rafa Martinez and Jason Landrian have been coalescing Black Cobra`s sonic brew for nearly six years now, yet neither were strangers to heaving heavy riffage prior, with Rafa doing time with Acid King and 16, and Jason in Cavity. But the pair unleash a tone heavier than a trio of both guitar and drums. Their impenetrable hardcore doom chemistry evokes an intensity that sets them apart from the others, both live and recorded. The band have toured seemingly endlessly on both US and foreign soil ssince their 2002 inception, sharing the stage with The Sword, Weedeater, High on Fire, Torche, and countless other bands in the upper ranks of metal and doom, most times blowing the competition away completely. Black Cobra plans to record their first album for Southern Lord sometime in the first half of 2009, with more info and tour dates to be announced very shortly.

Eagle Twin
Hailing from Salt Lake City, the mighty Eagle Twin has mainly solidified into proper form over the course of this year. Guitarist Gentry Densley is a very old friend whose previous band Iceburn was one of the most interesting and incredible bands of the 90`s hardcore/post-hardcore movement. Gentry and Greg Anderson (Southern Lord, sunn 0))), Goatsnake) collaborated on the Ascend album Ample Fire Within record, released by Southern Lord earlier this year. The Eagle Twin sound is stained with early doom and blues-roots rock backing mythology of epic Old Testament proportions. Drummer Tyler "T-Top" Smith beats the living shit out of his drums and perfectly compliments the thunderous fire that bursts out of Gentry`s antique tube amplification! The band will be recording their debut album with Randall Dunn (Earth, sunn 0))), ) in Seattle this Winter and it should be released before summer of 2009.

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