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Massive Roadburn Festival Updates

OM, Six Organs of Admittance, Skullflower, and A Storm of Light confirmed for Neurosis` Beyond the Pale
"The mission of Beyond the Pale is for us to honour the spirit and power of sound with people that we feel are kindred spirits"
- Steve Von Till.

OM, Six Organs of Admittance, Skullflower, A Storm of Light, The Young Gods, Akimbo, US Christmas, and Guapo, along with Neurosis, have been confirmed for the inaugural European version of Neurosis’ acclaimed Beyond The Pale festival, set to be held at Roadburn 2009 on Saturday, April 25 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, Holland.

Scott Kelly comments: "Om is such a rare bird in the vast landscape that is sound, music, art, and emotive expression that they absolutely defy description. The straightest line is the quickest path to the godhead, Om know this, it is the foundation of their mountain. The meditative nature of the patterns and rhythms found within the speaker flexing sonic blanket that they weave is unparalleled. Om is the heaviest band to ever walk the face of the earth."

"Josh Graham is a prolific individual, a man driven to create. In the years that we have spent together collaborating in Neurosis he has shown himself to be a visionary artist as well as a diligent worker. A Storm Of Light is born of this obsession; it is an ominous sound, a cloud of oppressive doomage. Equal parts heavy and hypnotic, A Storm Of Light is a band grown from truth."

"When you see Akimbo you see a band that has been hardened from the road, a band that has been focused on the sound and the sound alone, and a culmination of experience thrown at you on a lightning bolt."

"US Christmas will be the true revelation of Beyond the Pale at Roadburn `09. From deep in the Appalachians in North Carolina comes the sound of three guitars, two Theremins, and a rhythm section straight from the centre of the earth.”

Steve Von Till comments: "All must bow before the pagan wall of drone - I couldn`t agree more with the opening quote of Skullflower`s semi-official website. Hearing the tortured distorted and eerily shamanic drones emanate from the stereo for the first time in the early nineties was truly a revelation. IIIrd Gatekeeper and Obsidian Shaking Codex are two of my all time favourite albums and have been extremely influential on the way my brothers and I approach guitar-based heavy music: to grab an electric guitar, drive a loud amplifier to its physical limit, and ride the drone into oblivion is ecstasy, and Matthew Bower has been showing us all how it is done for 20-odd years. Finally after all these years we will all get to witness the power together at Beyond The Pale 2009."

"The words `psych folk,` although being a genre of music I feel a passion and affinity for, have begun to lose their meaning and significance over the last several years. A so-called `revival` has dredged up wave upon wave of shallow rehash. Ben Chasny and his Six Organs of Admittance, often tagged by that limiting genre, is a bright flower of inspiration to bring us all hope and remind us that as movements devolve, free spirits can rise above and remain vital among the pale imitators. Fearless and able to avoid the pitfalls and traps of classification he has constantly managed to play cathartic soul music. Not `soul` music, but music that accompanies transformation and the journey of one’s spirit. We are pleased to have this tonal psychonaut join us for this special event."

"Over the years we have continued to admire The Young Gods’ music and their contribution to original heavy music", says Steve Von Till, "One of my favourite daily rituals during our brutal touring schedule in the late ‘90s was hearing our soundman Dave Clark test the local PA systems with The Young Gods, pushing the speakers to their limits. We are proud to have The Young Gods appearing with us this year for Beyond the Pale at Roadburn 2009."

"Guapo`s albums have only become more intriguing, delving deeper into a strange space both claustrophobic and expansive, leaving most of their so called “prog” counterparts seeming to wander inertly with a lack of emotion. Guapo will absolutely bring a desired level of depth and complex harmonics to Beyond the Pale."

Saint Vitus to Headline Friday Roadburn Festival Date, Friday April 24, 2009
David Chandler comments: “We are extremely happy that were invited to Roadburn and we are excited to play. Those of you that saw us on the original reunion tour in 2003 are going to be extremely surprised at our set list. We are pulling stuff out of the hat that we haven’t played in a long long time. So I suggest that you all get up front and prepare for your DOOM!”

Legendary US doom metal pioneers Saint Vitus have been confirmed as the headliner for Friday`s April 24 date at the 2009 Roadburn Festival.

Saint Vitus is known as one of the very first doom metal bands, starting out in the late 1970`s, and have released many classic albums over the ensuing decades. Although Saint Vitus has been on hold for several years now, they will be reforming as the classic Born Too Late line-up (Dave Chandler, Scott "Wino" Weinrich, Mark Adams, Armando Acosta) headlining Friday night at Roadburn 2009.

Over the last two decades, Saint Vitus has become revered as one of the main architects of the modern doom scene, encompassing all that doom metal is all about: emotion, melody and epic songs stacked with enough behemoth riffs to light a week long bonfire. Every note the band has ever put to tape is a benchmark by which all other doom records have been judged. Saint Vitus classic phrase “Born too late” has become the war cry for generations of doom-aficionados.

Wino comments: "We will be playing a lot of everybody’s favourite stuff. Also, my project band Wino will be playing as well, playing tracks from my solo record, Punctuated Equilibrium, and some surprises too!"

Wino`s solo band is set for Roadburn 2009`s additional Afterburner event, scheduled for Sunday, April 26, alongside Solace, Dÿse, Bill Steer`s Firebird, and more.

Reactivated NWOBHM Legends Angel Witch, Baroness, and Minsk Confirmed for Roadburn Festival 2009
Reactivated NWOBHM legends <>Angel Witch (based in London, UK) have been confirmed for the Friday Roadburn date, April 24, alongside Cathedral and Saint Vitus and more.

Firmly rooted in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Angel Witch, comprised of guitarist and vocalist Kevin Heybourne, Chris Fullard (guitar), Will Palmer (bass), and Andy Prestidge (drums) will celebrate the genre`s 30th anniversary by playing songs from the band`s legendary self-titled debut album, and singles from that era.

Roadburn is also pleased to report that post-metal stalwarts Baroness and Minsk have been confirmed for the Thursday Roadburn date, April 23.

"Baroness` Red Album has pushed them to the forefront of underground metal. Combining thunderous riffs, roaring vocals and crashing drums, the band has created a monumental record that soars, thanks to its mainly instrumental focus. With their music created in the same vein as former label mates Mastodon, the Red Album is an epic math-metal and prog-infused masterwork that never slows down- save for when the acoustic rears its beautiful head at just the right moments”
- Sarah Kitteringham, Roadburn

In other related news, Terrorizer, the world`s leading extreme music magazine will be sponsoring Roadburn 2009.

"Yet again Terrorizer Magazine has been invited to be a part of Roadburn Festival, and yet again we are incredibly proud to align ourselves with such a gargantuan event in the extreme music calendar. I can think of few other festivals who so wholly mirror our magazine`s own passion for the riff, are as enthusiastic about those unique artists that push the boundaries of extreme music and are as obsessed with searching out the most exciting bands on the planet.

“Roadburn Festival is a truly special event that should be an essential ticket for any music devotee. Not only for its steadfast commitment to producing an unrivalled weekender in terms of its enviable line-up, but also because it`s a festival by fans for fans and ever since April 21, 2008 we have been waiting with bated breath for the announcement of its 2009 edition and are again so thrilled to be involved"
- Louise Brown, Editor, Terrorizer Magazine

Orange Goblin`s Roadburn Festival Performance to be Recorded for Live Album
“It has to be said that Orange Goblin shows are very predictable, in the sense that you know they are going to be brilliant before they even hit the stage”
- Terry Beezer (Kerrang!)

British doomsters Orange Goblin will record their performance at next year`s Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland on Thursday, April 23, 2009 for a limited-edition, vinyl-only live album, due out on Roadburn Records.

Orange Goblin`s Ben Ward comments: “Orange Goblin are honoured to be invited back to take part in the Roadburn Festival 2009. It’s our seventh appearance at the festival that keeps going from strength to strength each year and we see the main stage at Roadburn as the perfect place to record our live album, which is what we’ll do! The atmosphere and the vibe at Roadburn is always better than anywhere else in the world so we look forward to rocking with old friends and new fans alike!”

Roadburn 2009 is set for Thursday, April 23 to Sunday, April 26 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.

14th Annual Roadburn Festival 2009

Thursday, April 23
Orange Goblin
Church of Misery
Wolves In the Throne Room
The Devil`s Blood
Radio Moscow
Alexander Tucker
Black Sun
White Hills
Amon Düül II

Friday, April 24
Saint Vitus
Scott Kelly
Steve Von Till
Bohren und der Club of Gore
Colour Haze
Mono (Japan)
Negura Bunget
Omega Massif
The Outskirts of Infinity (headlining the Green Room)
Angel Witch
The Winchester Club

Saturday, April 25: Beyond the Pale
Six Organs of Admittance
The Young Gods
US Christmas
A Storm of Light

Sunday, April 26: Afterburner (only 350 tickets available)
Bill Steer`s Firebird
One more band TBA

Ticket pre-sales available from Saturday, December 13
Tickets for the main festival, including Beyond the Pale, will be priced from € 99 (excl. service costs) with no campsite accommodation. There will be separate tickets for the additional Afterburner event and Campsite.

All countries can order online through Ticketservice (credit card) or order your ticket through the 013 venue ( People in the Netherlands can order via Ticket Service, the 150 bigger post offices, VVV`s, GWK`s, and the 013 venue. More info will follow soon.

For those who didn`t get to take part in previous Roadburn festivals, and for those who did, but want to relive it, we finally have put up the on-demand audio stream of Neurosis live at Roadburn 2007 for your listening pleasure here.

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