Monday, December 1, 2008

Elektrohasch News

From Elektrohasch Records:

EH 001: Colour Haze - Los Sounds De Krauts DCD
Finally reprinted and available again.

EH 124: The Kings Of Frog Island - 2
The second album of Mat Bethancourts (Josiah) magnificent side-project is available now on CD. If the blues was invented in 2008 it had to sound like this! Ten brilliant dark tracks between blues, gospel, stoner and doom. An outstanding album. A limited and hand numbered edition of 500 LPs on 180gr. high quality vinyl is in preparation now.

EH 126: My Sleeping Karma - Satya
The new album of My Sleeping Karma is available now on CD. Melting relaxation and euphoria in an unique way, is this time being explored with lots of experiments, many lovely details and adept melodies. Instrumental music in it`s finest way. As MSK say: "Chill and Rock is one family." LPs of the new and the first album will follow.

EH 127: Los Natas - Ciudad De Brahman LP
Now in print is one of my favorite albums of all time. The re-release of Los Natas` 1998 classic is now on vinyl for the first time ever! 180gr.high quality pressing and limited to 750 copies on black and 250 copies on transparent yellow vinyl (no loss in sound quality compared to plain colours...). Available in about two weeks...

EH 128: Cherry Choke
In preparation is the debut album of Mat Bethancourt`s (Josiah) new band. Hard 60`s garage psychedelic rock - Mat never fails to make a brilliant record...

Upcoming releases on Elektrohasch

We are working on the re-release of the long sold out first two records by Saturnia (we also plan something on vinyl here)

New in the Elektrohasch family is the outstanding young danish rock group Highway Child - bringing back the rock as it should sound, with a very skilled and talented group and an outstanding singer. Elektrohasch is going to rerelease the debut album soon!

Josiah plans to release a last farewell album containing unreleased, new, and live tracks.

Ugh! finally has a new guitarist and is working on new material.

We are also working on a DCD+DVD Box featuring this years fantastic Duna-Jam happening, which we plan to release in winter. Including live recordings of Baby Woodrose, Causa Sui, Josiah, Dyse, Rotor, Colour Haze, and others.

I also didn`t forget the regular Colour Haze live album. When I`ll find the time I hope I can work on it again and mix the recordings of further shows to complete the audio material.

Additionally (and most probably much earlier), the recording of the Colour Haze show at this years Burg Herzberg Festival is going to be released by Herzberg Publishing and will be also available through Elektrohasch.

Hypnos 69 News

It has been a while ago, but here are some new issues regarding Hypnos 69.

We`ve had a nice summer, played on several great festivals, met a lot of nice people and made even more new fans!

In order to work on our forthcoming album, we decided not to do too much shows until the end of 2008, since we`d like to have the CD/LP in your hands around March 2009.

Hypnos 69 also welcomes aboard S├ębastien Monteaud as our brand new manager. He is working with his organisation Crescendo on a big European CRESCENDO tour with Hypnos 69, Karcius, Crazy World, and Hamadryad for 2009.

Together with a new album, we`re also putting an effort in composing a double live album to cover what we`ve been doing live for the past two years. Both releases will of course appear on our favourite psychedelic label Elektrohasch.

That`s it for now, hope to meet you soon and thanks for your time reading this.

Steve Houtmeyers
Hypnos 69

For additional news, including a full list of tour dates, visit

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