Monday, October 14, 2013

Demo Review - "D​.​F​.​F​.​L" by Alucarda

Alucarda is the name of a Mexican horror movie released in 1978. It had more blood, loud screaming and nudity than any other horror film made at the time of its release, and for some years after that. It is one of my all time favorite cult horror movies that not very many people have heard of and is up there with other mostly unknown gems of 70's horror like Tombs of the Blind Dead for example. I learned about these movies from reading Electric Wizard's front man Jus Oborn talk about his influences and as any true fan would do, I went about devouring as many obscure and low budget foreign language horror movies as I could. No doubt I wasn't the only one.

Now there is Alucarda the band from Copenhagen who have released a demo featuring 4 slabs of dirty grimy doom punk that is heavy on the Electric Wizard style riffs and lyrics and seething with raw as fuck and angry punk. They sound like a gang of insane and murderously be-demoned bikers with mohawks and beards charging about on deafening hell machines and sparing no lives as they go about their wanton destruction and it sounds fucking awesome!!

Their demo opens with "Electric Tower" from big black feedback and into even bigger growling doom riffs slathered with essence of Electric Wizard until the track takes off into savage and violent doom punk that is in the same camp as the likes of Satan's Satyrs. The song tares along swinging its fists about and smashing everything in its way until it drops down into harsh and crushing doom half way only to get back up and continue its angry punk smash down until the very end when there seems to be nothing left to smash.

"Nosteratu's Doom" carries things on with face melting doom punk that is loud and obnoxious and not the kind of music your gran would appreciate being subjected to for more than a few seconds before fouling herself. Further on the song slows into very sleazy wha'd riffs tuned very low and is as soul crushingly heavy and hypnotic as any Electric Wizard track you've heard.

"Wicked Sabbath" begins with stoned and lazy Sleep meanderings until an evil laugh mocks you just before a drop into monolithic Sabbathian riffs of concentrated doom. The track is an instrumental but features voice samples from horror movies here and there but for the most part the track towers above with massive EW style riffs and hooks that capture you in brain melting doom shivers until the evil cackling laugh returns to see the track out.

The final and demo title track that is "D.F.F.L" begins with a long sample from a movie that I don't know yet and a hippy giving grief to a cop because of the grief the cop gives to the likes of him with his long hair and pot smoking and gazing at the stars and writing poetry in the sand. Then the track kicks you in your face with blazing and rolling heavy punk rock full of dirt and spite and angry energy. The riffs come large and fast with tumbling chaotic drums and freaked out guitar and Wha lickery Electric Wizard style. The track tares along like a heavily damaged juggernaut trailing flames and thick plumes of black smoke until it is slowed temporarily by a huge wall of doom before the blazing heavy punk returns for a final tare up until the end.

I am an immediate fan of this band, not just because of their name or because they have very successfully bound together some truly doom inspired riffs right out of EW's book with violently roughshod and teeth grittingly dirty punk rock but because of that. Yes, it is because of that. They play as if they are Electric Wizard playing punk rock which works very well and although they don't seem to have a Facebook and only a Bandcamp page where you can listen to their demo but not buy and download it, I really hope to see a release of this demo very soon.



  1. I have been informed that this brilliant demo is now available for free download from their Bandcamp and is also available on cassette so get your teeth stuck in doom brains.
    Many cheers and hails to Alucarda for making it so.

  2. The sample in the last track is from Satan's Sadist! Good review, read mine here:

  3. Actually it is available on cs:


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