Thursday, November 15, 2012

Radar Men from the Moon - Echo Forever

Howls that reconcile themselves in obsidian corridors, the fretting dragged out death that lurks in the domain of clasps made for iron breathed-beasts. Or rather the concentration of one's consciousness in the unconscious creates echoes that rattle in-between. The creatures that dwell in the reverbations are consciousness fluxuations- That strange pseudo-psychedelic set of sentences is the only verbal way I can enunciate the groove driven echo-washed splendor that is Radar Men from the Moon.

1. "Echo Forever"-  A staunch modulation drenched piece which climaxes in an intense clashing of distortion and freakdom.

2."Atomic Mother"- This piece is marked by a pounding mid-tempo psychedelic rock beat and evokes the sound of She Loves Pablo and Kyuss, a notably desert vibe is felt. Shimmering chorused out guitars dote final build-ups and punctuate the dynamics.

3."Dance of Black and White paint"- Ominous delayed guitar that evokes Vini Reilly and early Pink Floyd manifesting itself in to layers upon layers of chorus and vibrato. It spins itself into a tripped out death-march!

4."Darkness"- Where the drummer really shines. It starts with a faced paced drumbeat and quiet echoing guitars. The dynamics are captured wonderfully as you really feel the push when the guitar drops into a fuzzed out wall of power. It lulls itself back and forth between swirling grooves and distortion-soaked power leads. The last riff lends it to the Sabbathian fervor of yesteryear as it caps a gargantuan sonic landscape.

5."Heading for the Void"- A repeating tritonal drone, switching  itself on ends of grooving modulation clean parts and violent distortion. It finds itself enveloped in a fuzzy climactic battleground of riffage.

6."Where the Earth meets the Sky"- Birthed in phaser sounds and lending itself to a freakish shuffle interpretation, it eventually winds up in a driving lift-off rock beat that evokes the sounds espoused by Hawkwind.

7."Avant-Garde Luxury"- A mish mosh of obscure strange noises flipping themselves into an unabashed heavy dose of prog-rock excess punctuated by post-rock minimalism. 11 minutes of ambient groove mastery.

Remember kids, when going to the moon always pack a light bong and watch the gravity. Give the Radar men from the moon a spin today.

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