Monday, April 19, 2010

Dirt Communion News

Hello everyone!

We have a new free song up on our Bandcamp site. It’s the first track off our full-length version of “Antique Mechanic,” now available everywhere online. In fact, three songs from the album -- “The Trapdoor Into Hell,” “Rebuilt for Speed,” and “A Trip to the Slaughterhouse” -- are all free on Bandcamp.

Here are the relevant sites: - we like these guys better than MySpace and all….. - the album on iTunes - Amazon version

Also, we are really excited to be playing the first Doom in June festival in Las Vegas. It is on Saturday, June 5 at the Cheyenne Saloon and features a lot of national and regional bands we love in the groove/doom/sludge pantheon. Here’s a link to their site as well:

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