Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heavy Planet Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, I've been a little busy with some other projects. I am getting a little bit behind on some of the band requests. If you submit your band right now it usually takes about a month and a half to get posted. Please be patient as I will eventually post your band, unless it does not fit into the scope of the blog. A special thanks goes out to Toby aka Inspired , a one time reader of the blog to now a contributor. Toby provides CD reviews and Concert reviews to the blog every now and then and does a tremendous job. If anyone else is willing to contribute, don't be afraid to hit me up. It is a cool chance to get some free swag every once in a while. Thanks for all the kind comments that I receive in my e-mail, I really appreciate it. I kind of like where the format is at so I will not be making any changes at this time. One thing that I do ask is that you show your appreciation to the bands by purchasing their music/merch off of their MySpace/website. If the band offers a free download of their music please send them a simple thank you. Alright, peace!


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