Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Last Rizla

Well good luck trying to categorize this band from Greece. The Last Rizla create an interesting (for lack of a better word) blend of Experimental (once again for lack of a better word) Psychedlic Stoner Rock. Kooh (Vocalist for the band) states " won't cope categorizing into a genre - there's a lot of different sounds in there. Well, it's heavy." Their new album is available right here for free. If trying out new bands is your thing, then give these guys a listen. I'm diggin' it.

Download Link


"Last Rizla’s sound is definitely heavy and isn’t boring at all! It is truly a melting pot of styles ranging from space-psychedelic rock to fuzzy desert-stoner rock with pinches of doom, hardcore, jazz and even a hint of reggae …(Doomed To Be Stoned In A Sludgeswamp)

"They make a bridge between the dark and emotional sound of Tool, they add some System of a down feel to it, it has the heavy almost tangible angst and agression from Henry Rollins, some nice postrock like angels, every now and the a hinch of dub, a punk ethic, a thriving almost pulsing bass line, rudimantary guitars that are always in touch with the feel of each song, the doomy athmosphere of Anathema's Silent Enigma record...(Open Your Arms And Welcome)


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  1. Nearest comparison with two plays seems to be "These Arms are Snakes" crossed with the "Melvins" ..... very interesting stuff.


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