Monday, August 18, 2008

Rhino Updates

Spanish heavy rockers Rhinohave finalized the track listing for their second album, Dead Throne Monarch, due after the summer via Arctic Music Group. The CD was recorded at WorkShop studios in Bilbao and The Room studios in Barcelona. The mix and mastering was handled by Gorka Dresbaj at The Room. The artwork was created by ilustrator Rafael Garrés who has previously worked with DC Comics.

Dead Throne Monarch track listing:

01. Dead Throne Monarch
02. Reins Of The Warlord
03. Earth Reclaims The Usurper
04. Bahamüt
05. Pale Horses Coming
06. Funebre
07. Wolf Among Black Sheeps
08. Promise Of Storm
09. Wendigo
10. Horned Crown

Check out audio samples on the band`s MySpace page.

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