Monday, June 30, 2008

Samavayo News

Samavayo, the heavy stoner rock band from Berlin, has released two new EPs - and White.

The material on the Black and White EPs were recorded and mixed by Kurt Ebelhäuser (Black Mail). Black shows the darker and heavier side of the band, whereas White is a teaser for the band`s forthcoming album, due in January 2009. In addition, Samavayo has included a video clip for the song "Neovenator" on White.

Black EP tracklist:

1. Bleed For You
2. Through The Night
3. Coz I Can´t
4. So Long
5. That Light (Extended Version)
6. For You My Dear
7. Ugoda (Extended Vesion)

White EP tracklist:

1. 5 Oh
2. Down
3. Telepathos
4. When It Comes To The Point Of No Return
5. Ain´t
6. Shitzoo

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