Monday, March 31, 2008

Free Compilation Featuring Cortez, Graveyard, Deville, and More

German web-zine Generated X proudly presents Electric Magic – Volume One

In cooperation with various labels and bands, among them names like Buzzville and Bad Afro, we are proud to present our first download-sampler, Electric Magic. This shall be published regularly in the coming future and parallel to reviews and articles on our pages. The download is for free! In a mix of heavy and stoner, psychedelic and all relative genres you will find some known and some more less-known "outsiders," who all truly deserve to get a lot more of your attention!

Track Listing:

01. Cortez - The High Life (from Thunder In A Forgotten Town - Buzzville, 2008)
02. Kaross - Shovel (from Molossus - Eastground, 2007)
03. The Setting Son - In A Certain Way (from The Setting Son - Bad Afro, 2007)
04. SEID - Swamp Doom (from Creatures Of The Underworld - Sulatron, 2006)
05. Fuzz Manta - On The Edge (from On The Edge Demo EP – self-released, 2007)
06. Ahkmed - T=0 (from In Your Neck Of The Dying Woods EP - Hoodoo Productions, 2005)
07. Graveyard - Evil Ways (from Graveyard - Transubstans, 2007)
08. Mojo Jazz Mob - Plasma Junge (from Pacific Daybreak Broken Nights - Swamp Room, 2007)
09. Skywise - Magic Lantern (from Give The Devil His Brew - Dogstar, 2004)
10. The Magnificent Brotherhood - Cracker (from The Magnificent Brotherhood - Magnificent Music, 2008)
11. Pater Nembrot - E´Permesso? (from Mandria EP - Atomic Records, 2007)
12. 1000mods - Boor (from Blank Reality EP – self-released, 2006)
13. Astrid Pröll - Pröll 2 (from Astrid Pröll - Noisex, 2006)
14. Deville - Come Heavy Sleep (from Come Heavy Sleep - Buzzville, 2008)

Get the download here.

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