Saturday, March 29, 2008

Catacomb Records Updates

From Catacomb Records:

Just a quick update on what`s happening at Catacomb HQ!

The February release of The Sound of the Catacombs compilation has been well received in the press. Go to our My Space and scroll down to the list of magazines/webzines to read all of the reviews. The compilation features 17 artists who we think are some of the best stoner/doom bands around at the moment.

The launch nights were also a success, the Sheffield date at The Red House featured Berserkowitz, Grifter, Outburst, and Aluna and The Birmingham date at Scruffy Murphys featured Godsize, I Am Colossus, and Aluna. Thanks to all bands and venue promoters involved.


Upcoming Releases

Sonic Lord - Trawling Through Sludge
Release date: Monday, 31 March
Limited edition 7" orange vinyl from the Birmingham kings of bowel wrenching grooves.

Aluna - Fall To Earth
Release date: Monday, 5 May
Three-track EP from the Midlands based psych-blues-doomsters. "Jefferson Sabbath anyone?"

Aluna/Queen Elephantine - Split 7"
Release date: end of May
Limited edition 7" coloured vinyl from the Midlands based psych-blues-doomsters Aluna and the Hong King/USA-based psychedelic doomsters Queen Elephantine. It will be available from Aluna, Queen Elephantine, and Catacomb Records.

There are other releases in the pipeline which will be announced shortly... update coming soon.

Catacomb Records
PO Box 5018
Walsall, WS1 9FP, UK

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