Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Band To Burn One To:BONG BREAKER

Heavy Planet presents...BONG BREAKER!

Band Bio:

From a trailer deep in the forest hails the sound of Bong Breaker, a three-piece stoner metal band from Holland. Droning guitar riffs with clean vocals as well as deep growls form their massive sound. On stage they propel themselves and their audience to a higher state of mind with an arsenal of ancient amps.

"Plodding and pounding colossal Stoner grooves weigh heavy as the slow doomy rhythm feeds your soul. The band does a fine job mixing clean vocals with a hollow growl. Instead of riding one riff throughout each song the band changes pace with a few unique interludes and ripping guitar leads. The warm and penetrating riff on "The King" absolutely rules. This is truly a DIY project as the band uses their own gear and time to make one hell of a two-song demo. The Doom consumes!"
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  1. This is some kick ass stuff. Love it!

  2. just love this cd,as a oap biker hippie it fits todays music scene just right


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